The dream of Hope Hollow is being realized as a result of the support of many persons in the business community. We greatly appreciate their kindness and generosity. Below you will find contact information and links to “Friends of Hope Hollow”, those organizations who have donated their time and services to Hope Hollow.

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Avant Garde Art & Craft Show
b2b marketing firm

“Hope Hollow reached out to my Mom and Dad and truly helped them when there were no other options for them. My Mom feared she would have no place, up in Columbus, to stay while Dad is in The James receiving and recovering from his Bone Marrow Transplant. Kevin and Jane were/are a true blessing to my parents, as well as our entire family. After their help my Mom could focus on Dad and his recovery and we, the family, 2 hours away could stop worrying about where Mom was going to be and worrying about her safety and now knew she would be fine. God Bless Hope Hollow, God Bless you Kevin and Jane!!!! My Mom’s Message to Hope Hollow: (Mom doesn’t have a FB account) Kevin & Jane, We are so grateful and appreciative of your generosity. You cannot know just what this means and has meant to us during this trying time. When all resources failed, God placed you in our lives .We thank you for your constant prayers, they are like precious gold to us and have made the difference in how things are progressing with Dan. Our hearts have been overwhelmed with such giving, compassion and concern. Thank you again for being an extension of God’s Love and Care, We pray God’s Blessings Upon You and your family.”
– Dan & Sue Skinner

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